As one of FAU’s central academic facilities, the Center conducts interdisciplinary research in cooperation with all five faculties in the field of applied philosophy of science. Our Center also coordinates the Key Qualifications Program and the Orientation Program (GOS) as well as delivering a broad portfolio of training courses and advisory services in both areas. All important details about research, teaching and contact persons at the Center can be found on the website. For further information about the Center please click on tasks.

Areas of work

Scientific research and practice do not occur in isolation in an ivory tower but instead are always embedded in a complex and far-reaching social, epistemological and economic context.

In the framework of the interdisciplinary research priority “Applied Philosophy of Science”, research work at the Center focuses on questions concerned both with the environment for research from a practical and theoretical perspective as well as the social significance and ethical consequences of its results. Amongst others these include the topics of “Trust in Science”, “Requirements for Successful Interdisciplinarity” and “Future Lifeworlds”.

In the area of key qualifications, the Center performs two functions: Firstly, it is responsible for the conceptualization and coordination of all key qualification measures at FAU. Our task is to put together a broad and differentiated teaching portfolio that takes into consideration students’ different needs and individual interests. In this context, we also advise students, teaching staff and other FAU institutions on this topic, develop information material and are responsible for showcasing key qualifications at FAU.

Secondly the Center offers its own courses which were specially developed as key qualifications. In this area, our portfolio concentrates on the topic of applied philosophy of science as well as the teaching of study and career-related skills (methodological, social and personal skills).


The Orientation Program (GOS) is a sub-project of FAU’s successful QuiS – Quality in Teaching and Studies proposal, which is being funded as part of the Quality Pact for Teaching of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The objective of the program is to help students study successfully by offering them a variety of courses that are independent of their specific subject: At the beginning of their studies, we offer new students information and orientation support. In addition, there are courses for all students on academic work as well as workshops and discussion groups which address specific study-related topics, such as how to prepare for exams, time management, tips on how to give a presentation, read scientific texts or write term papers.

Now that this offer has been successfully established at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology in the first funding period of QuiS – Quality in Teaching and Studies (2012–2016), the program is now open to all FAU students in the second funding period (2017–2020).

You still have some questions about the program?

Please visit the Orientation Program (GOS) section on the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology website www.phil.fau.de/gos

“BliSeh” is a project at FAU for blind and visually impaired students. It provides assistance with the use of technical facilities as well as advice on compensatory rules and the transition between university and career. Its main task is to teach key qualifications for blind/visually impaired students. The contact person for BliSeh is Dr. Wolfgang Krebs.

In 2007, FAU established Leonardo College for its best students. The College’s objective is to acknowledge outstanding study achievements by offering an attractive range of courses and in so doing enable students to gather experience which will help them in their personal development. The College is named after Leonardo da Vinci and this association reflects our goal of contributing to a holistic and interdisciplinary education.

(!) Please note: Admission to Leonardo College is not possible at the current time. As soon as applications can be accepted again it will be announced here.

FAUMUN stands for “FAU Model United Nations”. As an FAU delegate in New York, you have the opportunity to represent our University in the United Nations’ largest simulation game. Simply apply to the FAUMUN program to be part of this unique experience. As part of the program you will have the opportunity to improve your soft skills through presentation and negotiation training and instruction in the Rules of Procedure of the United Nations throughout an exciting semester. FAUMUN website: www.faumun.fau.de.