Research Priority Applied Philosophy of Science

In the area of research, the Center is concerned with the applied philosophy of science. What we understand by this term is the interdisciplinary exploration of fundamental questions posed to science and the role of science in society, its mechanisms for knowledge discovery, the diversity of different disciplines and the importance of scientific findings. This includes the following areas:

Trust in science:

  • How and by what means do scientific findings acquire a special claim to explanation and validity?
  • What is the relationship between this claim and other forms of knowledge?
  • How can these results be communicated to a broader public and what role do scientific findings play for non-academics?


  • What does interdisciplinarity mean?
  • What framework does it require and where are its limitations?
  • How can FAU encourage interdisciplinarity across all disciplines?

Science and society:

  • What influence do new ways of accessing knowledge have on the status and claims to validity of science?
  • How do a focus on practical application and the demand for utility change the nature of science or individual disciplines?
  • How can a productive reciprocal dialog between science and society be enhanced and supported?

These and other research questions are addressed on an interdisciplinary basis at the Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications in close cooperation with FAU researchers in all subjects and faculties. The results are incorporated in a wide range of events and information which are also intended for the general public. Since our research affects society and science equally, one of the Center’s key objectives is to encourage a constructive dialog between the general public and the University.

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